Crude oil is often called ‘Black Gold’ and is one of the robust and lucrative commodities to trade globally. Crude oil or fuel is a hugely popular commodity among traders worldwide which makes it one of the most actively traded commodities. Crude oil or fuel market affects the price of many other assets, including stocks, bonds, currencies, and even other commodities. That is where traders make a lot of opportunities out of this volatile market by buying and selling fuels.

Vale Finance is a physical commodity trading firm and sells industry-specific commodities, metals, petroleum, and petroleum-based products. We are a reputed diesel oil seller, jet fuel seller, or any other fuel oil seller in New Jersey. We have very good partnerships and relationships with refineries, production companies, and NOCs to fulfill all kinds of fuel oil supply and demands. As a USA based consultancy, we specialize in fuel trading and deliver high-quality petroleum-based products that meet industry standards.

We have one of the largest networks of buyers and sellers in the world and are always interested in matching qualified buyers and sellers together. Vale Finance works directly with refineries, end-sellers, and end-buyers to sell the best quality jet fuel and diesel oil to clients. As a trusted partner we ensure complete security with our methods, terms, and payment methodologies to make it beneficial for all.

As a trusted jet fuel seller New Jersey, we are involved in sourcing and negotiating in Jet Fuel A-1, Jet Fuel A, Jet Fuel B, TS-1, JP-4, JP-5, and JP-8 trading with both our supplier partners and our exit clients. We also trade in low and ultra-low sulfur diesel and high sulfur diesel and other petroleum-derived products. Vale Finance is a USA based consultancy that assists companies and traders through international regulatory standards for buying and selling diesel, aviation jet fuel, and other oil products.

We work with refineries and fuel production companies operating in the global marketplaces with high supply capabilities. We directly work with the end-sellers, end-buyers, authorized facilitators, distributors, and refineries to make it beneficial for all – no brokers are involved in any part of the transactions. Our advisors also help you understand different types of diesel, jet fuels, and other petroleum products that are traded in the market for different kinds of applications.

If you’re interested in purchasing diesel, jet fuel, or any other type of aviation fuel for industrial purpose then you can contact us to assist you. We are a reputed and trusted fuel oil seller in New Jersey and can help you with our industry knowledge and real-world experience in crude oil trading. Our consultants will help you with your trading demands with cost-saving techniques for a profitable business. Contact us for more details.