Money Transfer

All the major financial transactions and transfers involving significant resources are performed via server-to-server money transfer methods in the virtual banking system. There are numerous payment processing systems to enable Instant international transactions as per the sender’s and receiver’s requirements. In server-to-server e-banking solutions, transactions are done at ultra-high speed securely using different modes.

The Popular mode of money transactions are:

  • Black, Blue, and/or Grey Screens IP/ID
  • VisaNet
  • IP/IP
  • DTC
  • MT103
  • POS
  • Card Transfers
  • Online/Offline

In server-to-server money transfer methods, the server is connected to the common account of the bank on both sender’s and receiver’s end. The currency transfer method is conducted by these servers to transfer the funds from one common account to another common account on the banks’ end. Sever-to-server money transfer plays a significant role in transferring very large amounts of currency and currency exchange operations.

Sometimes the money transfer methods are Bank-to-Bank, Officer-to-Officer, or Legion-to-Legion as per the scenario on money transactions. During these instances, the sender and the receiver have no role and only the authorized bodies communicate with each other to ensure that all stages of the currency transfer are addressed from A to Z.

All banks (or companies) must have the following features in order to receive currency:

  • The connection between the server and the common bank account
  • Someone who is familiar with downloading or uploading server’s currency
  • Procurement of proper licensure and authorization of the money tasers inside the server band
  • Accepted amount of the input currency

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