PPP Trade

Professional investors who are looking for better returns out of their investments are now looking for more profitable investment programs away from standard asset classes like stocks, bonds, and cash. Private Placement Programs are traditionally designed for big investors such as corporate/ high net worth clients, entrepreneurs, and brokers who are looking for safe investment options with high returns. With a PPP trade program, an investor is free to use the profits as they desire.

A PPP trade program includes MTN buy sell program, bullet trade program, and investors can also trade finance commodities of their choice.

An investor can diversify his/her PPP trade program portfolio with the following investment opportunities:

  • Hedge funds
  • Managed futures
  • Currency trading
  • Real estate
  • Commodities

Here at Vale Finance, our Private Placement Program is the opportunity for the investors who are intended to maximize their returns from their investment portfolio. It is managed through our network of bankers and private investment platforms for the safety of your investment.

Risk protection

Private Placement Programs offer zero risks to the Private Placement Platform traders, banks, and investors. During PPP trading, investor’s capital stays in their own bank account at all times hence involves no risk to their capital. These programs are capable of yielding 40% to 70% return a week if you do it with the right knowledge and experience. Compared to traditional investment plans, Private Placement Programs are safer and guarantee a very high profit.

Key Points

  • Investor’s capitals are never traded
  • A trade takes place only when a profit is guaranteed
  • Satisfied trading regulation for higher security
  • Disciplined investment rules
  • Strict asset control

To trade in Private Placement Programs, you need to understand how the financial system work, how to trade with financial instruments, and how money is created. Because of their complex nature, you should invest in PPP trading through professional financial bodies to get the maximum returns. But, with the introduction of Fully Managed 100% Capital Protected Private Placement Programs in 2008, it is now easier for investors to take part in PPP programs.

With Vale Finance, it is possible to invest in multiple programs simultaneously. We will also help you re-invest your profits to grow a portfolio of risk-free investment. Any return from PPP trading is divided between the investor and the Trader or Trading Group. So, if you are interested in Private Placement Programs and want to trade finance commodities, or want to participate in MTN buy sell program and Bullet Trade Program, contact us for more details. Our experts will help you find the right PPP trading programs as per your investment strategies.